29 May, 2023

General conditions

These General Contracting Conditions (from now on, General Conditions) regulate the process of buying and selling the products which are offered by RIOJANITAS.COM in the catalogue available on the Website www.riojanitas.com
These General Conditions link RIOJANITAS.COM to the buyer/customer giving them, series of rights and duties from the moment the customer places and accept an order through this website. These General conditions are mandatory and known to both parts. This is the reason why their acceptance is essential to be able to regularize the order therefore the customer will have to read thoughtfully these conditions.
Headlines are only indicative and they will not affect, rate or will expand the interpretation of the General Conditions These General Conditions are regulated by the provisions at the current legal regulation.


Antonio Ciordia Pérez is the owner of the website www.riojanitas.com
Name: Antonio Ciordia Pérez
Registered Office: C/ Pastores 3, Arnedo, 26580, La Rioja.
CIF.: 16.574.061-P
Contact: alpargatas@riojanitas.com

Any user of the website www.riojanitas.com and its acceptance of its completion will be considered as a customer.
The customer must register himself/herself as such an entity (optional) and provide the following information compulsory in order to place the order:
Name and surname, or company name, CIF/ NIF / DNI, invoice address, delivery address, contact telephone number, and contact e-mail.
This information will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Access and use Conditions of the Website (legal warning) and at the Privacy Policy section.


Regulate the sale of products offered by RIOJANITAS.COM on its Website by the customer.


Each product has a file with its description and its sales price with VAT.
The final purchase price of a product or its shipping costs may vary and depending on the geographical area where it is shipped, the costs might vary. In any case, as the customer indicates the delivery address and the payment method, the Website will be offering the exact price of products at all times. Always before confirming an order, the customer will be informed of all existing costs and exact price
The exact price of the products is the one that appears on the Website at the time of placing the order, once the payment method and the place of delivery are established.
On the other hand, sale made by natural or legal entities domiciled in any of the European Community Countries will be subject to VAT.
Purchases made by VAT taxpayers established in any of the European Community Countries will be exempt when they send previously and by any written means, a copy of a tax identification number.
Purchases made by both physical and legal persons, residents in countries no members of European Union, Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla will be exempt from VAT. Any customs-type expenses that may accrue for the transportation from countries of origin if not otherwise agreed will be borne by the customer.


This occurs when the customers gives his/her express acquiescence to the order placed, and after accepting the General Conditions.
At the time of activating the order, the customer formalizes a purchasing contract for the selected product with RIOJANITAS.COM, acquiring the rights and commitments in the applicable regulations and those set forth in these general contracting conditions.


The fact that the order is placed, means that the product is booked; the payment is done at the time that the number of samples booked by different users of the platform reaches that stipulated by RIOJANITAS.COM
In case that the payment was made and at that time there was no product in stock, the company would contact the customer to communicate the situation and to inform about the next availability of the product, or where appropriate, to proceed with the cancellation of the order and its corresponding refund of the amount.
RIOJANITAS.COM will make available different payment methods to the customer.
Among these methods, can be found:
• Payment with VISA/MASTERCARD
• PAY-PAL system
RIOJANITAS.COM can enlarge or reduce the number of payment methods chosen from those available at the time of purchase
1. Payment by credit card
The customer can choose the payment by credit card, doing the operation at the time of ordering. RIOJANITAS.COM accepts VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards, and guaranteeing that the payment is made through a 100% secure gateway
For further information, please, access to https://www.paypal.com/es/home


There were no shipments or deliveries at weekends or holidays
Delivery times of orders depend on availability of the product or products which compose it.
In case the product is in stock, orders will be delivered in the following way; between one and three working days from the formalization of the order in the peninsular territory of Spain and Portugal, and between three or four working days from the formalization of the order in the following European Countries: France, Italy, Germany, Belgium , Netherlands , and Luxembourg.
The selected product may not be in stock at that time, RIOJANITAS.COM will contact the customer to inform the delivery time
However, the delay in delivery will involve no compensation and the customer will only be empowered to cancel the order when the circumstances described in “the Order Cancellation Section “occur.
Any cause of delay penalty introduced by the customer in his order is without effect. The exercise of any action is expressly excluded by both parties in their claim of loss of profit.
Orders will be delivered by the transport company at the delivery address indicated by the customer and the person appointed as the recipient of the products.
This information will be recorded on the delivery note of the transport company, which also indicate the number of packages in the shipment, total weight, and order number. IN addition to the delivery note the customer will be given an invoice in every order; either inside the shipping packaging or a purchase note together with the shipped products.
If there is no invoice, the customer will be able to order it by email to this address: alpargatas@riojanitas.com, indicating the name of the invoice holder and the order number
The invoice will be sent to the invoice address by email or ordinary mail.


The legal guarantee framework (Spanish law Consumers Goods Guarantees Law 23/ 2003 0f July 15) aims to provide the customer the option to demand sanitation when the acquired good is not in accordance with the contract, giving the customer the option to demand the repair or replacement of the property, unless it is impossible or disproportionate. When the repair or the replacement is not possible or unsuccessful, the consumer may demand a reduction in price or a termination of contract. A period of two years is recognized, from the moment of purchasing so that the customer may enforce these rights and a deadline of three years also counting from the time of purchasing so that the customer may exercise, where appropriate, the timely legal measures. In any case, brand guarantee or manufacturer will be applied. By virtue of this, RIOJANITAS.COM will answer to the customer for any lack of conformity that exists at the time of delivery of ordered products, understanding that these goods intended for private consumption.
So as to be able to face this guarantee, the customer will have to contact with RIOJANITAS.COM through the email address alpargatas@riojanitas.com where it will be indicated: name of the order holder, order number, invoice number, and the cause of the non-conformity.
Warranty cases will not be accepted when the products have been used improperly or not according to their characteristics by the customer.
For all aspects of the commercial guarantee referred to in Article 11of the law 23/2003 of Guarantees in Consumer Sales; the provisions of law 7/ 1996 of January 15 on the Regulation of the Retail Trade will apply


The customer is recognized the right to withdraw the order (return the order) within 14 calendar days from receipt of the order, as stated in Article 44 of the Law of January 15 of Retail Trade Management.
Outside this period, revocation of orders will not be accepted, nor will orders be accepted for thr supply of goods made according to customer specifications or clearly personalized, or which, by their nature, cannot be returned or may deteriorate or expire quickly, etc. that would have been unsealed and/or used by the customer.
When the customer has exercised his right of withdrawal or resolution, RIOJANITAS.COM will be forced to return the money paid by the client.
The return of these amounts will be made as soon as possible and in any case, within a maximum period of 30 days from the withdrawal or resolution
The customer must communicate his withdrawal to RIOJANITAS.COM through email within 14 days.
In this way, the customer may be informed of the order return procedure (return number, shipping method and delivery address)
The cost of return shipments will be borne by the customer who must take into account that if he decides to return items freight collect, we will be authorized to charge the expenses that we may incur.
The exchange of items can only be done for a different size or for the same size in case of defective item and will be subject to availability in our warehouses.
If you want to make a change for a different model, please return the purchased item(s) and place a new order. The shipping costs of the new size requested will be free in the first change in each of the orders.


The customer can cancel the order all times, but depending on the circumstances, this unilateral cancellation by the customer can be understood (with expenses for the customer) or by mutual agreement of both parties (without expenses for the customer).
Customers will have the right to cancel their order and RIOJANITAS.COM will give its consent to said cancellation on, being understood, therefore as a mutually agreed cancellation by mutual agreement without any commitment or penalty for the customer when:

The estimated delivery time of the merchandise has been exceeded without any having been delivered to the customer
When the product is permanently out of stock at which time, RIOJANITAS.COM will contact the customer to inform him

In these cases, the only way to cancel the order is to send an email to alpargatas@riojanitas.com asking for the cancellation of the order, indicating the reason.
RIOJANITAS.COM will carry out the pertinent checks and in case of dealing with the circumstances described
RIOJANITAS.COM will agree to the cancellation of the order, there being no commitment or penalty for the customer


For purposes of notifications, requirements and writings of any kind to which this contract will be understood as the address of RIOJANITAS.COM the one indicate in these General Conditions


Even if a clause of this contract or one of its parts is valid or unenforceable, the rest of the clauses or their parts will remain valid and have their value.


These general conditions are governed by current Spanish Regulations, and specifically by: the Civil Code, Law 26/84 July 19 General for the Defence of Consumers and Users, Law 7/08 April13 of General Contracting conditions, Law 7/96 January 15 of Retail Management Directive 2000/31 CE of European Parliament and Council on July 8, Law 34/ 2002 July 11 of Services of the Information Society and electronic Commerce, Law 23/2003 July 10 of Guarantees in Sale of consumers Goods and the regulations that develop them.


According to the article 1 of RD 5/1997 January 14, there are available to our clients, complaint forms at RIOJANITAS.COM offices.

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